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      "Most certainly; he must have started before this."It was a piece of insolent impertinence; but Esmeralda did not detect it, disguised as it was by a smile.

      She did not start to her feet, the ivory whiteness of her face remained unchanged; she turned her eyes upon him with an expression in them of half-troubled wonder.

      "He is very kind," replied Diva, quietly; "I understand what he would spare me. Tell him to give himself no disquietude on that head. I dare not lift a finger to stay the feet of justice, if I could; I can bear whatever Providence sends. But my dread is not the expiation of the scaffold, but the finding of no space for repentance. My conviction is strong thatmy husband will never be taken alive.""Do you understand English?" growled Doctor Remy. "I asked you if you had witnessed a will; and I want to know what was in it."

      "There was no seeming in it, Isola. I was knocked over at once, like a pigeon out of a trap. I had been in love with you three weeksthree centuries it seemedbefore I could screw up my courage so far as to think of proposing for you. And then if Hazelrigg hadn't helped me with your father, I don't suppose I should ever have broken the ice. But when hethe colonelshowed himself so frank and willingand the way was all made smooth for me from a domestic point of viewand when I saw that kind little look in your eyes, and the shy little smileyes, you are smiling so nowI took heart of grace, and stormed the citadel. Do you remember the evening I asked you to be my wife, Isola; that starlit night when I had been dining with your people, and you and Gwendolen, and Hazelrigg and I went out upon the terrace to look at the stars, and the river, and the twinkling lights of the boats down by the quay, and the diligence driving over the bridge, deep, deep down in the valley below us? Do you remember how I lured you away from the other two, and how we stood under the vine-leaves in the berceau, and I found the words somehowfeeblest, stupidest words, I'm afraidto make you know that all the happiness of my life to come depended upon winning you for my wife?"


      And you own all this? she asked, pausing to look round. All the houses, all the farms, and the people?And your cousin will be the duke when his cousin dies? she said, as if she were trying to understand.



      "And you have never wronged me? You have been true and pure always? I call upon God to hear your words, Isola. Is that true?"