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      He looked."Johnny...."

      The standing man, shorter than Dodd and built heavily, actually turned and looked out at the window. "And then tomorrow what do you do?" he asked. "Give up your job? You're just letting the thing get you, Johnny."That was a little trick only learned by hard service.

      "I wish Caro or Jemmy cud meet someone like her. I d?an't think as Pete minds."

      AFTER the flush of excitement of returning to his old regiment and meeting his comradesafter the process of readjusting himself to the changed relations made by death, wounds, discharges, resignations and promotionsafter the days had brought a settling back into the old routine of camp-life, there developed in Shorty's heart growing homesickness for Maria Klegg.TO: Fred Ramsbotham


      Reuben walked up to him, took him by the shoulders, and shook him as a dog might shake a rabbit.


      MRS. G.: We've had everybody sending postcards. Fifteen or twenty each. That mounts up awfully fast, Gwen dear."And he expects us to care for nothing but his vulgar ambitions. Oh Lord! I wish I was out of it!"


      "Possibly," he suggested to Si, "the conductor will take us further up into the town, where we kin find somebody that we know, who'll tell us where the rijimint is."