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      "Come, boys," said Si, kindly, "eat your breakfasts. You can't make no coffee nor fry no meat, but you'd better fill up on cold grub. You'll need all you can eat.""For Shame!" said the lady friend.

      "Course I am. That's his face sure enough, though he's as thin as wire.""Soles, plaice, and dabs,

      He still walked on through the deepening night and skipping rabbits. He never paused, just carried her and kissed her; and she kissed him, stroking his face with her handsand all without a word.

      "There's the shuddering ghost of meHe heard himself say her name, but his voice sounded strange and he barely recognized it. It seemed to be blotted up by the darkness. And after that, for a long time, he said nothing at all.

      Rate, skate, and crabs.It was not brilliant pleasantry, but it served. It set them to thinking of something else. They hastily filled their cartridge-boxes, adjusted their blankets, and when the bugle sounded forward they started with something of their original nerve.

      "Gosh all Chrismus," said Si, using his most formidable swear-word, for he was very angry. "What was you brats shootin' at? Squirrels or angels? A rebel'd had to be 80 cubits high, like old Haman, for one o' you to've hit him. Lots o' good o' your packin' around guns and cartridges, if you're goin' to waste your ammynition on the malaria in the clouds. Load agin, now, carefully, and when you shoot agin be sure to fetch something. I'll take my ramrod to the next boy that I ketch shootin' higher'n a man's head. This ain't no Fourth-o'-July business. Our job's te kill them whangdoodles over there, and I want you to 'tend strictly to that."


      "Probably they're yelling their satisfaction over the number of men they've seen killed and wounded today," ventured Monty Scruggs. "Does 'em good to see men shooting at one another instead of birds."


      "I agree with you there," said Reuben, "it's not wot life gives that's good, it's wot you t?ake out of it."At last he wandered desperately away, treading the furrows of his new ground on Boarzell, reckless that he trod the young seed harrowed into them. In that black moment even his winter crops were nothing to him. He saw, thought of, realised only one thingand that was Rose, the false, the gay, the wanton, and the beautifuloh the beautiful!laughing at him from another man's arms. He could see her laughing, see just how her lips parted, just how her teeth shonethose little teeth, so regular except for the pointed caninesjust how the dimples came at the corners of her mouth, those dear little hollows which he had dug with his kisses....


      "You ask many questions," the female said. "You speak much."